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Important things to know when advertise your small business

When you have your own small business you should think about many things, especially your marketing tactics. This article aims to present you the basics.


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It is good to start with a simple marketing plan. You should spend some quality time for planning your marketing activities. This step will reduce the time you waste on doing unnecessary tasks which won`t help you to achieve you goals. You should clarify your target audience and the ways and the direct ways to reach it. And remember that for a small business the direct marketing approach is the better one.



First you should make a research about your competitors on the market and outside of it. This will give you an idea about the business environment. By monitoring your competitors you will obtain a good knowledge of what everyone is doing and you will be able to predict the competitors’ next move step. Furthermore, think about the unique selling point (USP) of your business or in other words, what makes your product or service different and more appealing than your competitors`. Once you discover it – emphasize on that.



Do not expect immediate results from long term plans. Some marketing activities, which are most appropriate for small businesses, take longer. Do not rush!  Sometimes to build “fans” and trust takes time and patience. The idea is to commit to your decision and believe in it. If you decide that strategy “A” needs a 3 month in order to start working, then follow it. Do not fear of failure and cancel midway.



Do not miss referrals and word of mouth advertising. It is one of the most effective advertising methods. Customers do your advertising instead of you for free. The best way to generate referrals is to exceed the expectation of your customers and to surprise them, take care of your customers as if you take care of your family. This is the biggest advantage of small businesses. However, keep in mind that if you give a small incentive to your already existing customers to promote you this may make a big difference, especially in some cases where snowball effect occurs.


You can also just ask them politely to share with friends if happy. Many of your customers have not thought about recommending the product you sell, although they have been happy with it all the time. When you remind them the will think about the long time they are happy with you and share with friends.



Analyze the results of your marketing activities – to be able to understand what is working and what is not, you should track and measure your adverts. This article will present you different examples of how to measure the results.


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