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How to advertise your small boutique?

Nowadays, the market is highly competitive. The selection of the products and the location of the store are important but it is not enough for the success of you small business. You will need a good marketing plan in order to attract clients. The following tips will help you to market your boutique correctly.


Promo codes

By offering promo codes you influence on clients to make a purchase. There are varieties of promo codes and the most popular ones are free shipping, % off and amount off. You can use promo codes in order to reward your loyal customers. Also it is a good idea to send promo codes via any social media.  This is the way to involve customers and to attack more “fans” and “followers”. In addition, it is important to print your codes on leaflets or on your business cards.



Use eye-catching signs to attract clients who pass close to the store. It is essential to use shocked colours and easy to read brand and label. Make signs to highlight your USP (unique selling point).


Develop a database

It is nice to gather clients` emails with the aim to update customers about the latest sales and promotions in your store. Besides, you can use those emails to send tips on how to use your products differently. For example, if you sell a hair conditioner you can show the customers how to remove a tight ring from a finger easily using it or how to protect the expensive shoes during the winter thanks to a hair conditioner. Those interesting articles will get their attention and will increase your trust – you are not only selling but also giving some interesting information. This will make your sells campaigns more successful.


Hire the right people

A successful step is to hire colour and emotional consultant or professional stylist just to make customers feel comfortable. Moreover, clients can take an advantage of the expert`s opinion for special events or just to be informed about the latest trends in the market.


Partnership with other local businesses

Look around and choose a business that has the same target audience as you in order to advertise your boutique.  You can do the same favor for your partner. Many people underestimate the importance of other businesses around their location. However, those other locations may be the reason for additional foot traffic around you and in case of a boutique store the impulse shopping decisions are very important.

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