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Different and efficient approaches to market your small business.

Event marketing for small businesses – how and why?

One of the best ways to build awareness of your brand, to engage your existing customers and to attract new business partners is through event marketing.

The modern consumers want more and more when they evaluate solutions or make purchasing decisions. Events are one of these unique opportunities that interact customers in order to receive more […]

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How to start a flower shop

Starting a new company is exciting but also scary. There are too many things to be considered and it seems that no matter what we do, we will forget something. Actually, this is true. There is no chance to predict everything, however, if you have a good plan and the economics of your new business […]

Promoting a sport bar [Case Study]

Sports Bar Marketing Ideas
This is my experience of marketing sports bar. You can get some sold bar promotion ideas and strategies. Of course, your case would be somewhat different so feel free to twist the basic concepts and adjust them to match you the best. Moreover, promoting a bar is not much different from marketing […]

How to advertise your small boutique?

Nowadays, the market is highly competitive. The selection of the products and the location of the store are important but it is not enough for the success of you small business. You will need a good marketing plan in order to attract clients. The following tips will help you to market your boutique correctly.

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By […]

Important things to know when advertise your small business

When you have your own small business you should think about many things, especially your marketing tactics. This article aims to present you the basics.
No idea how to start

It is good to start with a simple marketing plan. You should spend some quality time for planning your marketing activities. This step will reduce the time […]